finally i'm at home.. hahahhahahahha i'm home......
how happy i'm finally i'm at home..
but the bakti siswa at Kg. Tanjung Pahang really gives me a really sweet memoir. i will tell more after this because i want to upload the photo also. hehehhehehehheheh
but know i'm really going to be"a insane girl" huhuhuhuhu
with the assingment really darn much
but i try to do them with full of my comitment.. hahahhahaha (ceh cam pelik jer)
now at my home my younger brother already install the streamyx.....so i'm so happy.
no need to go to cc anymore to find out the source for my assingment
hehehehhehehehe before this i'm just use the prepaid internet..
k i have to stop now
i will continue after this...
with more story
k daaa~
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holiday where are u?? i'm really sad today because all of my friend already at their home with their family but me?? still alone in this big city...
how pity am i.... there are a lot of assingments that i have to do during this holiday.. i'm going to an "not centre person" huhuhuhu
tomorrow i will be going to Kg tanjung Pahang at Rompin to attend the ' Bakti Siswa' programme.
i don't how the village is looks like..
hope not an 'org asli' village... i hope that place with coverage on mobile phone n got streamyx there..
so a can update my blog..
i'm still wonder why i'm not have enough time to spent my time at my beloved hometown??
all my housemate said that i'm too busy with all my activity.. a sportswomen la... a jpp la...
i acctually also didn't know why i'm too busy and i must sacrifice my holiday to this nonsense programme...
as my mum said to i'm too generous person like my late father...
she said my father also like to attend many programme until he didn't have time to himself...
maybe i'm the lucky daughter that choosen to be like my father....
i'm also really sad today when my beloved mum called and asked when will i go back to my hometown eventhough there more than 5 times i told her that i will come back late...
maybe she really miss me and have a lot of things to share with me....
maybe about 'adik long', 'mok','adik' and so on....
n now i'm alone in the house where kak long nani going out with her boyfriend..
i want to go backk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, August 15, 2008 at 8:56 PM | 0 comments  
rasa cam x caye jer
aku da ader blog sendiri
kenape tetibe je rasa nak buat blog sendiri??
ntah la
maybe cam besh jer tgk blog org laen
actually i make this blog for improve my english writing..
i want to be like my friends who are really good in writing also in english..
espeacially miss pretty in pink
so if there are grammartical error.. hope u guys will ignore it..
so keep on read my blog...
Posted by cutekatak
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